Mobile App Testing

Is your application tested and ready for phones and tablets?

Everyday seems to bring a new release of another mobile device. People are taking advantage of mobile technology like never before. Your software and website must be accessible to your customers on a device with a screen much smaller than a desktop.

Needless to say, it must operate flawlessly on a wide range of mobile operating systems.

Mobile Testing Services

Usability Testing

Our team will ensure that your mobile app has a user-friendly interface and is easy-to-use so that your users have a positive experience.

Functional Testing

Users will be unhappy when your app continually crashes or does not work as expected. Our team will check to make sure your app, including backend functionality works like clockwork and meets the users expectations.

Performance Testing

Mobile apps are used anytime and anywhere which can lead to a weak signal, and excessive loads. With this in mind, we will uncover load, scalability or reliability bugs. We can also run backend performance testing.

Compatibility Testing

To reduce the number of unhappy users, your mobile app should work flawlessly with any mobile browser on any device. Our team will make sure your mobile app provides an impeccable experience.

Compliance Testing

To ensure the safe and secure operations, mobile apps should be compliant with industry standards and regulations. Our test ensures compliance with mobile development guidelines, as well as specific industry regulations (HIPAA, PCIDSS and others).

Security Testing

Mobile devices are prone to a variety of hacking attacks. We will perform penetration testing to simulate hacking attacks. Our team will identify security loopholes and provide recommendations on correcting the problem.