In today?s fast-moving environment, frequent builds must be faster, and include more comprehensive testing to improve quality. Test automation is an essential part of continuous integration. The running of automated tests throughout the delivery pipeline involves running automated regression tests prior to each deployment within the pipeline.

Test automation is critical to be successful in today?s competitive business climate. It is essential to implement innovative automation frameworks using the most current tools. We offer a comprehensive range of testing automation services to meet your goal of increasing velocity throughout the software development cycle.

We work with our clients to understand their specific requirements. We will deliver customized test automation solutions that meet your needs. This can be a simple one-time solution, or a solution that includes implementing automation throughout the DevOps CI/CD pipeline.

About Us

As a technology company, we specialize in the delivery of QA and application testing services.

Our broad expertise as a software testing company with extensive experience in the insurance industry can help your organization achieve it's testing objectives while at the same time lowering costs, increasing resource utilization and reducing administrative burdens.

We employ highly qualified, certified professionals to design and implement your custom testing solution. For us hard work, extensive experience, and a customer-oriented approach has allowed us to serve our clients' needs and expectations.

Work with Your Organization To

  • Develop automated testing scripts
  • Regression test your application(s)
  • Create a test automation environment
  • Review DevOps continuous integration pipeline
  • Produce better software faster
Automated Solutions

Sufficient test coverage typically demands significant effort. Hundreds of test cases may be needed to exercise all user scenarios and ensure that an application is compatible across browsers and devices.

You can easily repeat test cases across browsers and devices to ensure your application's compatibility and consistent performance.

Custom Solutions

Manual testing can be mundane, error-prone and even exasperating. Frequent repetition of the same test cases with only slight changes in data values is laborious and time-consuming.

Test automation alleviates testers frustration with low-level, repetitive testing while increasing the repeatability and accuracy of these tests. Automation enables testers to focus on more challenging and rewarding work.