Single State? Multi State? Integrate Seamlessly!
Reliable, Real-Time Rating Information for your Company.
Excelerater can be used as a stand-alone rating solution for both quoting and payroll reporting (audit) that can be integrated seamlessly with your existing front and back-end systems.
Excelerater is a single or multi-state rating engine used by Workers Compensation Carriers. It can be configured to handle any combination of debits and/or credits.
Rates, debits, and/or credits are based on a comprehensive table-driven architecture which allows for quick and easy implementation of changes.
Rating can be configured and/or modified by either clients or our staff.
Provide your existing staff, insured, and agents with an on-line, easy-to-use payroll reporting and payment system that can be integrated with your existing policy administration and financial systems.
If you are interested in providing your clients with an easy-to-use payroll reporting and payment system that is a great selling tool for your business, please contact us for a Demonstration.